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Client mode on Linksys WRT54GS

Posted on 11 Dec 2005.

I have a Squeezebox v1


for some months now, setup to play music streamed from my Mac mini. It (the squeezebox) has been flaky ever since I got it, where it'd simply lose the connection after a while and have to be power-cycled to recover.

Somewhere between annoying and unusable, actually.

So today, based on an idea, I took a WRT54GS, set it as a client to my main wireless router, and plugged the squeezebox into the linksys.

End result: Using the wired connection on the squeezebox seems more reliable than the wireless side. Odd, that.

Still messing with other variables, such as whether or not I leave itunes running. Now that I have podcasts to fetch, that's more of a necessity. However, it seems like the re-scans of the itunes library may cause playback glitches.

UPDATE Dec 16/05 - yep, using the bridge seems to fix the flakiness. Looks like the wireless part is just flaky.

UPDATE 5/07: Changing base stations to an Apple Airport Express also fixed the problem. I had to return the Linksys anyway, as it was a loaner. Stable now for several months.

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