There are still good people out there

Despite the Bush administration and SoCal driving. This, from the excellent ‘Scalpel or Sword’ blog, really made my day. (It also made for some introspection… heroism can do that to you.)

It seemed like a typical overdose. Another teenage girl who took too many pills, more in a cry for help than any real desire to harm herself. So I ordered the mega laboratory panel and gave her some charcoal. Nothing too exciting or dramatic, she drank it without putting up a fight. She had a friend who had driven her to the ER and remained at the bedside the whole time. Three hours, maybe more, I can’t remember. Her friend seemed very compassionate and was obviously concerned about her. It seemed like they were close friends, maybe even sisters.

Eventually, I learned that her friend wasn’t even an acquaintance. She was a stranger who had noticed the patient crying in a parking lot and asked her what was wrong. The patient then admitted that she took a bunch of pills, so this remarkable young woman drove her to the ER and stayed with her until she was safe.

The patient really didn’t have any friends, and her family lived hours away. After she declined admission and promised not to harm herself, the saint even drove her home.

(Link to article)

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