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Added Email Subscriptions to the Site

If you look in the upper right next to the search area, there’s a new icon that looks like this:

email icon

Click it and you can subscribe to daily updates via email, implemented via Feedburner. I know that some folks used to read the site that way, so I’m pleased to have it working on Octopress.

If you want to set it up on your Octopress site, there’s two steps. You have to setup Feedburner with your RSS or Atom feed, then go to the ‘Publicize’ tab and activate email. Then take the HTTP URL they give you and enter it into the _config.yml:

subscribe_email: http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=phfactor/rzbg&loc=en_US

Leave a comment if you have any problems, or email me - the feed now includes my email address.