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Welcome to Fnord, Statiked version

Posted on 30 Jul 2014.

The blog platform and server are now both changed - I've been using Octopress and self-hosting, but the Rake-based workflow was painful and slow, and while I don't regret funding the Ghost project they still haven't had time to add file import, so here's Plan B for now:

to Statiked as an editor to GitHub Pages for hosting. Why? Because it's supported by Statiked. ;)

Just had a nice debug call with the author of Statiked... gotta love indie developers! We did a screenshare and debugged the problem I was having. Turns out that the GitHub API he uses can't handle the two-factor authentication I had enabled. Disable it and voila.

So here we go. Pages now hosted on github, and I'll see if I can import the old writing from Octopress.

Notes so far:

doesn't parse the timestamps unless you have the '-0700' timezone offset. Odd.

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