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Blog tools and perils

Posted on 09 Oct 2014.

So I was initially thrilled with Statiked. Super-responsive developer, github hosting, nice GUI app, easy to post, all I need to do is copy over my folder of already-in-Markdown posts, right?

No. Statiked is v1.0 and is an examplar of the agile idea of MVP, or minimum viable product. It works, it does the essentials and it's shipping. I've got a few hundred files, and that causes problems.

Right now, I've got a couple of astonishingly baroque regular expressions to fix images, and some rules of thumb for Markdown flavors, but Statiked has a showstopping bug right now: If you try to generate the site, if a single file fails to generate, it just stops. It doesn't tell you which file.

So yeah, I have 2005 painfully imported, and 2006 mostly done, but other posts are gonna have to wait until that's fixed.

It is nice to be able to write again, though.

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