June 22, 2006

A new era for mechanical watches

One would think that mechanical watches, being obsolete and all, would be mostly confined to Asian markets, high-end stuff for the rich and crazy, and a tiny slice of watch fans like me. After all, quartz works better, costs less and is easier to make.

Timex quit making mechanical watches back in the 70′s or so. Fossil has never made them as far as I know. Both are now selling them, for very reasonable prices. The Fossils are all under $100, and the Timexes look reasonable as well. Both have some nice touches - the Fossils have the winding rotor visible through the face, and some of the Timexes are equipped with power reserve meters.

Marvelous! A couple pictures:

Fossil automaticFossil automatic

Timex picTimex pic

Links: Timex page Fossil page Fossil page for the watch pictured above.

I had previously disdained Fossils; they seemed to be fashion-oriented, cheaply made and often copied other designs. Guess I have to think again, because I quite like some of these and the price is excellent. And who would have guessed about Timex? This power reserve looks quite nice:

Second timexSecond timex

We live in amazing times. Pun intended.

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