May 6, 2006

A new guilty pleasure for the iPod

Via the magnificent, a radio show called Lipstick and leather”:

Lipstick and Leather is the radio show I’ve always wanted to do. Don’t let the title throw you off though, it’s not strictly glam rock’ or hair metal’. I will be playing music from what people would call cock rock’, however I’m also going to play from all of the hard rock’ and heavy metal’ genres. The focus of the show is bands and music from the time period of approximately 1980 to 1992. Of course, from time to time we’ll go a little farther back to examine the roots of this music and, as much as possible, we’ll jump ahead and see what these bands, and the ones they influenced, are up to today.

Podcasts and streams available as direct links from this page.

Props to Daniel for finding Underheard. I had to remove several other podcasts to make room for a half-dozen new feeds!


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