October 15, 2006

Another good essay

This one is on the link between mechanical watches and bicycles. The author is in the enviable position of living in Paris, and owning a JLC Reverso, but I still like the essay:

watch and a bicycle are discreet, just giving rise to indifference (except for the people interested in the matter, of course!); a car is not, and may create jealousy.

  • No performance, also, as a bicycle has quite an inherent low speed, and a mecanical watch is beaten in accuracy by the first 10 dollars quartz watch. Maybe the most important contradiction with the world of cars, as the performance” side is one of the arguments used ahead in marketing discourses. This lack of performance invites me to compare the quiet run of the seconds hand on the dial and the peaceful side by side movement of the cyclist. Incompatible with the inherent speed of a car. Incompatible with the potential danger represented by the speed of the car.

But I must recognize the non-exciting” side of the bicycle for marketing purposes and the image of the brand; a bicycle is an obsolete machine. Exactly as are our beloved mecanical watches, no? Is it a question of fashion? Something appealing for men in both cases, an image question?

Worth a a read, and it has a couple of really nice pictures.

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