March 13, 2006

Another thing I want but don’t need

In the mid-eighties, I was in high school and utterly broke. I saved up and bought my second watch (Lorus, white face, analog/digital, stainless steel, finally lost overboard in Lake Pend Oreille) on layaway. Took me weeks.

At the shop, the owner (acquaintance of mine) showed me a really cool Seiko analog/digital watch, what I now know was probably a H556, H558 or one of the others in that product line. These are called Arnie’ due to appearing in Commando’, amusingly. It was about 10x more money than the Lorus, but I sure was smitten.

The seikos still go for three hundred bucks, used, twenty years later. So I’m not going to go buy one. However, on the SCWF today, there was a link to a Yema of very similar style:

(Link is to the posting)

Mmm, pretty nice, and the price is good. And I’m still broke.


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