November 28, 2006

Another watch project

If only I had my own CNC, I too could find a WW2-vintage Hamilton pocketwatch and recase it as a wristwatch.

Milling the case out of solid stainless:

Milling awayMilling away

and the finished product:


S/he is using a 4992B Hamilton,


The article is all in French but worth going for the dozens of pictures.

Others have done similar watches. Here’s a 922 cased by RGM:

Sexy hamilton 922Sexy hamilton 922

(Click for article and more pictures)

Hamilton was, until quartz, the premier American watch company, producing really nice work. Ahh well.

Both of these are out of my price range, though I’m intrigued to see that RGM now produces pieces based on the Valjoux 7750, 7751 and ETA 2892, which means you can get an RGM for less than 2k. Not much less, mind you, but less.


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