September 25, 2006

Aviator update

Sexy watchSexy watch

As you may recall, I’m enjoying my new watch. It arrived running fast, and didn’t settle down in a week or two. After emailing Chris Ward, I followed the directions on the CW forum and actually (gasp!) opened er up. Yep. Sunday, in fact. I’m now two marks turned down on the Etachron, and we’ll see how that does. One notch slowed it from +17 to +11, so I hope this’ll get me closer.

Quite interesting to open up, had to be careful as heck, not gonna be selling this one as like new” anytime soon. Only a few scratches resulted. I really need to get a decent digital camera so I can shoot pictures of the process; it’s quite interesting.

On a related note, the 316L bezel seems to scuff really easily, but Brillo pad buffs it right out. And you don’t have to worry about marking the crystal while doing it, either, as sapphire is much harder. Cool. I’m sure that soon I won’t care about scuffs, but for now its a nice trick.

Update 1/9/07: I adjusted the CW as per the instructions on this page. It took three tries to get it dialed in, but the watch now gains less than a second per day, roughly three seconds per week. Superb!

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