October 15, 2006

Damned good essay on Starbucks

Stock coffee imageStock coffee image

…with several excellent insights. I quote:

Somewhere along the line, Starbucks and other upscale coffee purveyors convinced the nation that it’s of crucial importance that we stride through our days while clutching the adult equivalent of a sippy cup.

Sheer genius, this cup.

With its plastic lid and cardboard sleeve, it represents yet another shred of evidence that today’s adults long to regress to the simple and comfy days of childhood.

After all, baby boomers’ preferred form of outerwear trends toward anything resembling play clothes, even if the play clothes in question happen to be outrageously expensive and fashioned from cashmere.

Y’know, that’s a bit close to home. It has some other good zingers, too:

Thank God for alcohol, but you can’t knock back a vodka tonic first thing in the morning, at least not if you intend to avoid drunken-driving charges and 12-step programs in your future.

Caffeine is all that’s left for us. If the consumption police take caffeine away, too, we’re doomed — utterly doomed. It’s that simple.

I think I have a new love, and her name is, err, Anita Creamer.

Now I wonder if it’s all a spoof. Ahh well, even so it’s a most excellent essay that I recommend highly.

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