August 5, 2006

Ethical traval


This one is kind of tricky. Personally, I love travelling. At least, I love getting there; commercial air travel these days is pretty miserable.

There’s been a lot of discussion about the ecological cost of air travel:

Never, ever, fly on an aircraft again. Air travel is enormously damaging in terms of climate change and any government that genuinely cared about the environment would be pricing people out of the skies with unbelievably high levels of taxation on air travel. As it is, aviation fuel is completely untaxed internationally and governments almost everywhere have encouraged the proliferation of cheap flights, making air travel more popular and more environmentally damaging than ever.

(That’s from this page)

So it was nice to find this post on TreeHugger about a a book called the Ethical Travel Guide. According to TH,

it is a guide to ethical travel in an increasingly global market. It lists over 300 places to visit in 60 countries. For each country it gives a brief explanation of the terrain, big cities, and major activities. The guide lists places to stay, ethical tour companies and organisations to contact to arrange the visit. Even if you aren’t planning a trip soon, it is inspirational to read about what people across the world are doing to make travel meaningful.

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