December 10, 2006

Gogol Bordello and Primus

…was the show we went to on Friday.

I’m an indifferent fan of Primus, but the show was good and the music interesting, with a very high skill level on the musicians and killer LED-based light effects.

Sound boards are all digital now, of course, and I had a lot of fun watching the screens and trying to see what was going on.

The opening band, Gogol Bordello, was awesome. Here’s a pic, stolen from Allmusic:

Gogol BordelloGogol Bordello

Very high energy show, odd lyrics, odd side performers, very catchy. The front man gives even Southern Culture on the Skids a run for most entertaining and hyper. Think I’ll need to get a CD or two and see how they are in the studio. It’s not music you’d think’d be good, but I really liked their show.

If I do any more shows, though, I’m gonna get me some Etymotic earplugs: which are designed to alter the sound as little as possible. So you can still hear the music without your ears ringing the next day. Nice idea, what?

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