January 6, 2006

Hitachi WiFi VoIP up and running!


Finally got my cheap-from-ebay Hitachi WirelessIP 5000 phone working. Took a lot of doing:

  • Hadda configure the wireless to B-only, which suxx.

  • Asterisk config

  • Much poking through a very odd set of phone menus, figured it out only after I googled the phone user and admin manuals.

  • Had to change broadvoice proxies to get the lag down from 165msec to 18.

Seems to have semi-poor wireless reception, worse than my not-great aluminum powerbook. Audio quality is still in progress, not sure I have it setup right. I’m getting a lot of these from Asterisk:

    -- Got SIP response 606 "Not Acceptable" back from

No help from google, surprisingly.

Since the manuals were hard to find, I’m mirroring them locally for anyone else who needs them: WIP-5000_WebInterface.pdf



We’ll see how this goes. I really, really love the idea of unlimited phone calls for twenty bucks a month. In other words, email me if you want to talk and I’ll send you the new VoIP number.

Update 11/23/06:

I still get 606 errors, but I have new firmware I need to try. The wiki page on this phone has some ideas, so maybe when I get home I’ll try a firmware update. I’m also considering just selling it and switching to a Nokia N80, which has SIP/Asterisk support.

Update 12/20/06:

Sold it on Ebay and bought a Sipura 3012 FXS/FXO adapter. Too much hassle with the Hitachi.


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