November 8, 2006

I miss flying

My feet and the wing of a PA-28-181My feet and the wing of a PA-28-181

This is me, pre-flighting the N4419F Piper at DuPage aiport (FBO link), part of the Fox Flying Club fleet. Very good times.(Note, however, that the Merrell Pulse IIs I’m wearing are a sad, sad, followon to the magnificent Pulse I’s. Absolute crap by comparison. I wore my originals on four continents, in all sorts of weather, and loved them. You can’t buy them anymore, and the P2 sucks hard - uncomfortable, badly fitting, laaaame.)

Anyway. If you’re in Chicagoland, check out the flying club. Best prices anywhere (non-profit) and a really nice bunch of guys joined by their love of flight.

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