March 2, 2006


I just got a new iPod video (30GB, black, verra nice) by convincing Daniel to buy my previous-gen unit.

Anyway, it was a moral imperative to figure out video encoding and not spend money. Still not sure how useful video really is, but its certainly entertaining and more legible than expected.

To rip DVDs to iPod, go get HandBrake Lite, which is a hack of HandBrake made special-purpose for iPod. You can get the same results by tweaking HandBrake; the lite version is just simpler.

For videos that you have now, go try iSquint, which is Applescript wrapped around ffmpeg. Drag and drop conversion, for iPod and TV. Very simple to use, produces good results.

As an aside, one of the videos I had about was the 19-minute The Final Cut”EP. Free, amazing, disturbing. The Internet Archive is another good source for free video.


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