July 8, 2006

Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands

One of the things I enjoy most is travelling to other places and cultures. Some for fun, some for work; I enjoy em all. I’m a big Edward T Hall fan, as his essays on culture are marvellously compelling. Amusingly, I first discovered him via a column on time in Embedded Systems magazine, but that’s another story.

It was interesting to find this site, entitled Kiss, bow or shake hands: How to do business in 60 countries.”

While I travel a fair bit for work, I’m no businessman, executive or such, so much of the advice on deal-making is not applicable, but its all fascinating. Tips on gifts, business cards, attire, manners, and more all help. I like to be prepared, and information like this reduces my stress levels by making me more knowledeable. Understandably, people are a lot more friendly if you make an honest effort to understand something of the local culture and manners.

This seems to be an ancillary website for a book, but the articles alone are worth perusing.


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