April 8, 2006

MacBookPro gets more appealing yet

PC emulator for MBPPC emulator for MBP

My Powerbook is getting old, 3 years or so. I’ve upgraded the memory and replaced the battery a few times, but code gets bigger and capacity drives requirements and …. yeah, I really want a new laptop.

More ammo arrived of late with the news of a beta of a PC emulator that claims to run code at 90 to 95% efficiency on the new Intel-based mac laptop. I’ve used VMware and Virtual PC for years, but emulating an Intel chip on a 1.25GHz G4 is pretty painful, and I use it only when I have to. This will probably run very well, especially given that these laptops have two complete CPUs on them.

Sigh. Someday. If you’ve got one, try Parallels and let me know.

PS The MBP has a new card format, and according to Om Malik there’s an EVDO card due out soon. Wireless broadband almost anywhere. Are they” trying to torment me?


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