April 21, 2006

Marriage, schmarriage

I like his idea better:

Hi there! Welcome to adulthood. You’ve had it relatively easy so far, all things considered: what with the parents, and the no job, and the not paying taxes, and the ability to eat an entire Italian sausage and black olive pizza without feeling like crap the following morning. Sure the whole puberty thing sucked, no argument there. But by and large life has been pretty sweet. Unfortunately things get a little trickier from here on out. You might have to work a job you don’t particularly like, or find yourself with all kinds of obligations you’d just as soon avoid. Maybe you’ll feel your idealism leech away, and your patience for the status quo dwindle. Perhaps the people who signed your yearbook 2good + 2b = 4gotten!” will move away and 4get you, and your opportunities to meet new, fun people will become increasingly limited. And — trust me on this one — no TV show will ever seem as cool as the ones you enjoyed when you were 13.

Yeah, adulthood is a drag sometimes. And that’s where the Buddy System comes in. At some point, you may find it useful to Buddy up with another person, someone you will watch over and who will, in turn, watch over you. Like the earlier version of this system you may have used at school or at camp, your Buddy’s job will be to make sure you don’t get lost. But less a literal don’t get lost in the forest during a dayhike” and more a figurative don’t get so lost working at a crummy job that you forget how much you like gardening.” Or, you know, whatever.

So, at some point, feel free to take a Buddy. Or don’t: whatever works for you. But iIt’s a scary world out there, and sometimes a Buddy is just the thing you need to make it seem a bit more manageable.


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