September 25, 2006

My old lab is still there!

Instrument hutchInstrument hutch

I worked for Sandia from 94-99, roughly, and our lab was called the SAXS lab, which can be quite confusing to callers of the other gender.

Ahem. (Small-angle X-ray scattering. The link goes to a nice Wikipedia article on it.)

Anyway, from the link in the picture, looks like it’s still standing, kinda cool to see. Nice to know that some of my work might still be in use.

It was with enormous reluctance that I resisted the urge to write a punny headline based on SAXS. Those of you who dislike wordplay can breathe easier knowing that one more bad pun has been contained.

Update 11/28/06: Diego was trying to understand some old SAXS data and found our paper on the lab.


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