January 22, 2006

NFS and OSX (Tiger) automounts

Even after epic hacking, different wireless setups, subnetting, etc, etc, the Squeezebox continues to glitch when playing tunes from the mini.


So the next thing to try is move the music to linux, NFS mount it onto the mini, and see if that works. That way, I can still use iTunes for podcasts. Wish Apple’d port it to Linux.

Anyhoo, the point of this post is to bookmark this page explaining automount in a very clear manner. Avoids the NetInfo GUI altogether, and the only thing missing is the

  sudo killall -HUP automount


We’ll see how this works, but if nothing else I can now have my music on my central server, where it gets better care than the random laptop drive I have it on now.

Macintosh Networking

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