July 26, 2006

Now this is a great story

The Saga of Number Five, which purports to be a real story about an Peruvian mummy:

Then, on one of his expeditions onto the flank of the Andes where he was digging, his crew discovered a series of mummies. They were primitive, and consisted mostly of bare bones, but by their arrangement and condition he could tell that efforts had been made to preserve them.

Four mummified skeletons were found in normal Peruvian burial position; knees to chest, arms crossed, in large ceramic urns buried in the earth. But as they were preparing to leave the site the final time, one of the diggers noticed signs that a large boulder in the middle of the burial pattern was not there naturally. His interest piqued, Jack decided to wait one more day for a cold cerveza at Crazy Joe’s Hostal and see what, if anything, was under the boulder. He should have left well enough alone.

The following morning, after extended efforts and calls to a nearby village for reinforcements, they finally got the boulder to roll. Sure enough, underneath was a final skeleton. Number 5 was clearly different from the others. For one, Jack could tell it was of a fairly old man, at least in his 50s, at a time when most people died by 30. All of the other skeletons appeared to be children or young adults. For another, the bones, when laid out, indicated a man about six feet tall, which was gigantic for that race at that time.

Didn’t Jack watch any Boris Karloff movies as a kid, we asked him later. It should have been obvious that somebody had wanted Number 5 to stay firmly in place under that boulder, and that moving him was NOT a very good idea. But Jack was pretty much a classic scientist, and did’t believe in ghosts. Not at that point, at any rate.

I do love the Dowbrigrade. Damn, he tells a great story. Go read it.


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