December 13, 2006

RSI, OSX and Time Out


I was talking to a co-worker earlier (this is as close as I’ll get to blogging about work, I promise) when I flexed my right wrist. Small popping noises ensued, as did a short conversation about repetitive strain injury. After a bad scare a few years ago, I try to run software that forces me to take a break. I’m also careful about ergonomics, and try to listen to what hurts or doesn’t.

For Mac, I use and like TimeOut. It’s currently free, works well and is unobtrusive. Though you can configure it to be obnoxious if you want.

One author (Stephenson?) opined that RSI was the Black Lung of the era, and for anyone pushing a keyboard they had a point. You have to take care of your body, or you’ll have no way to make a living. Even uber-hackers like Richard Stallman can get it.

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