January 15, 2006

Syslog net-wide, finally

I’m debugging some network problems, Apache issues and the like, and finally setup a syslog server for the home network.

Turns out that even the airport express has syslog support in it. Nice, that.

So now I’m syslogging from Linksys and Apple, and as a bonus I got rid of those incredibly annoying

   Jan 15 12:12:41 usul -- MARK --

messages in the log. Choice.

The key bit is to edit /etc/init.d/sysklogd where it says


and change it to

SYSLOGD="-r -m0"

I realize that I am, in fact, incredibly lame for taking this long to implement it. Ahh well. Highly recommended.

Update 6/6/07 Somewhere in there Debian changed again, and now you edit


to add the -r -m0 bit. Yeesh. See this nice article for more details and some nice examples of setting up a central log server for a complex network.

Debian Networking

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