August 18, 2015

The old and the new

So a friend gave me a cast-off iPad one. 16GB, WiFi, the very first-gen hardware, circa 2010. Old school. At the same time, I’ve got my new personal laptop, a 13″ MacBook Pro that is less than two weeks old. Because I keep laptops a long time and use them for writing code, it’s worth it to me to buy the best, so the laptop is best-case for its size: 3.1GHz, 16GB, 1TB SSD, just awesome. Only” dual core, but I really like light weight and almost bought the 12″ MacBook because of that. Portability matters!

Anyway, I had been thinking about this article and HELL YEAH. Part of the reason I like Apple is that they keep their old hardware running. I currently have

  • A late 2007 iMac holding our music and photographs. Maxed out at 6GB and upgraded to an SSD, it runs fine though the fluorescent backlight is finally failing. I paid $999 for it back in 2008.
  • An iPhone 4 (no S) on Verizon. Chris still has hers and it still runs well, though she’s stuck at iOS 7.
  • iPad original, running the latest iOS 8.4.1
  • iPad 2, bought this year from eBay for $210. 64GB, cellular, decent shape. Runs well.
  • My old Air (13″, 2010) that runs well but can’t handle Eclipse and Android Studio. Not the fault of Apple.
  • Chris’s 15″ macbook pro. 2009 maybe? Maxed out to 8GB, added an SSD and she’s working great.

Last night, as I setup the new-to-me iPad, I was impressed. I was expecting it to be unusably slow, but it ran OK. Installed ~10GB of apps and spent time using it. Reeder, Netflix, Solitaire, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Maps. It’s not fast but dang if its not still decent. I expect I’ll use it for kid games, Reeder and Netflix and it’ll be fine.

The new laptop? Well that’s just amazingly fast. The new PCIe-connected SSDs are measuring as 10x as fast as the Air it replaced, from ~150MB/sec to 1500. DAMN.

Mac tax”? Do the math, but based on my usage five years seems a good rule of thumb. Even more for simpler uses: I plan on handing off the Air for a few more years of light usage.

Well-made stuff.

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