August 25, 2006

Trusted reviewers

One of the things I most value on the net is unbiased (hey, I can dream) reviews of stuff I may need or want. To my mind, being able to find sources not paid to review stuff, cater to advertisers, etc is the best thing ever.

So. Here’s a partial list of my favorites, with notes. Please feel free to comment, I’ll add em in.


Edmunds, easily the best. Click and clack are arguably better, but have much fewer reviews. We have used their mechanic recommendations with good results. For resale values, Edmunds again and Kelly blue book.

iPods, iPod cases, headphones, accessories

iPodlounge. Their reviews are excellent, as is their free PDF book of all things iPod. For really geeky reviews, Dan’s Data is my all-around favorite internet review site. It’s mostly computers, but he also does headphones now and then. has good specs and reviews, but their prices are high - try Amazon or ebay or your retailer of choice.

Computer hardware

This is a big one. These days, I mostly just buy a few parts now and then, or maybe a cheap motherboard/cpu/memory combo, for which the Ars Technica system guides are invaluable. Ars doesn’t do a lot of hardware reviews, but what they publish is in-depth and worth reading. They review Mac hard/software too. As mentioned above, Dan’s Data is essential here too.

Cameras, digital of course

DP Review, Imaging Resource and Philip Greenspun’s reviews. Also check out


Heh. You knew this one was coming, eh? For basic reviews and learning about new watches, Watch Report is good. For forums with good reviews, try Seiko-Citizen watch forum, Poor Man’s Watch Forum, TimeZone and probably others.

I may post places to buy watches in a follow-up post if I have time.

Cool Random Stuff

Cool Tools defines this genre all by itself. I don’t always agree, but all are interesting.

See also the randomness of Tricks of the Trade.

And of course, Woot, which should come with an addictive’ label.

And Think Geek, cool but a trifle pricy.

More on this topic later.

Reviews Recommendations

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