August 22, 2006

Warning: Rolex does not prevent infidelity!’

This post has got to be a joke:

I’ve been saving money fro something like three days, to buy a nice rolex explorer ref 114270. So finally after such a big effort I got it…..i was so happy that I went out to celebrate, I told my wife that I have a bussines diner…With so bad luck that my wife went to the same restaurant with Her boy friend…..I got so mad that I throu the idiot watch onto this guy’s head..but by cheking the quality of it I injure this guy’s head and the watch didn’t suffer any scratch…….So please don’t buy a Rolex explorer at least you want to be …..horned by your wife!!!!!

Saved for three days? For a 2500$ watch? Man, I want his salary.

Speeling errrs, total lack of capital letters, bad punctuation (and this from me!). I add it up as either a really bad day or a fairly good troll.

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