November 15, 2006

Where to get Haribo Salino salt licorice

Thanks to Charles Bacon at Argonne for this one; he had to fly to Amsterdam on a half-days’ notice to repair a cluster that had been dropped by UPS. He came back with some entertaining stories and a stash of black, diamond-shaped salt licorice marked Salino.’ It was unlike any I had had before, with an intense anise flavor and odd bite. Here’s a picture I found on the web:

Salt licoriceSalt licorice

(Picture borrowed from this page.)

(As an aside, the bite comes from Ammonium chloride.)

These are really, really hard to find in the US. Lisa Childers, bless her soul, finally got er done. Head over to and hit Special order Laura.’ Quite expensive, almost $75 shipped, but it is 3 kilos of the good stuff.

Another, even more intense, is DZ or double salt:

VERY salty!VERY salty!

(Image borrowed from Slashfood.)

Definitely an acquired taste, also available from Hollandsedrop. For a nice hater review, check out this page on Bad candy.

Anyway, I’ve been out for months and put in an order today; this page is just so I can find the order info next time. ;)

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