September 8, 2006

Why Slayer is brain programming

This one is for Larry.

Some people wonder why I like Slayer so much. Then I got to wondering the same thing myself, and while wondering this I started thinking about William Gibson’s microsofts (again).

Here is my theory: Slayer’s music acts just like a microsoft. It plugs directly into the part of your brain that takes over when you’re running from a sabertoothed tiger. It makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and your heart race. Three hundred thousand years of evolution peeled back by the Slayer microsoft.

This is why I think Slayer is so revered by so many. They have figured something out that no other musical act has - how to plug directly into the lizard brain.

I have to agree somewhat, although for me Slayer is guilty pleasure due to their politics.


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