July 28, 2006

Xezo Legionnaire

A couple of months ago, I traded my trusty Seiko SKXA35 yellow-faced diver for this:

Xezo, click for bigger imageXezo, click for bigger image

(Click for bigger image)

I originally posted a couple of errors - I said ETA 2688 and that it was probably cased in China. On Sep 14 06, Eugene Genin (US manager for Xezo) emailed me to correct me, so I’ll update this with his info. Oops.

Here’s his comments from the email:

The Legionnaire watch that you post is Swiss-made (there is no chinese casing in this watch). The casing is produced in Italy where all 925 sterling silver cases are made for us according to our designs. Legionnare was our 1st series rolled out in 2002 for introductory marketing and now is discontinued. Movement in the watch indeed is unsigned Swiss-made ETA 2866 movement and watch was also assembled in Switzerland. Today movement ETA 2866 is discontinued. All other details of your posting about this watch are correct.

I’ve made a few edits and corrections in the rest of the review after reading his email.

You’re not paying the Swiss Price Multiplier, and you still get a good movement, sapphire crystal (not a scratch on it, despite gouges in the case), sterling silver case, good-to-excellent lume, and a nice clean readable face. That seems like a good deal to me.

I think Franck Muller came up with the exploding numbers’ style, but you find them in every brand now.

Xezo is an internet-only brand, you can find em on Ebay. (You can get them from their website, but the prices are much better on ebay.) I got this one as a trade for the SKXA35 on SCTF. I like this one, it makes a nice unboring dress watch with just a bit of panache. The handwind is a bit stiff, but the auto works well. (As an aside, ETA movements prefer not to be handwound, except for when they’ve run down completely. Handwind causes more wear than the auto-wind from the rotor.) Non-hacking, keeps time to better than 10 secs/day. The tonneau case is quite attractive and slides easily under a cuff.

Since the movement is ETA, it does say Swiss made’ on the face, although that doesn’t mean a whole lot. Guess you could use it for posing. I’d recommend it as an unusual, well-made, inexpensive dress watch that keeps good time.

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