July 16, 2006

Yes, I need help.

Citizen JP3050Citizen JP3050

Reviews are here (Sir Les’s excellent unboxing review) and here. (full product family, with pics and comparison).

In my continuing obsession with analog-digital watches, I found this one via the very dangerous SCWF, and was instantly enamored. Readable, titanium, depth and altimiter pressure sensors, thermometer, water sensor, great luminisity, lots and lots of cool nerdy features. Ebay did me in with a killer deal, and I’m wearing it now.

(Yeah Diego, lay off me, you have your own vices. Cut me some slack here.)

Negatives: No backlight, no countdown timer, uses a standard 2-year battery. Update: The manual says that the battery it ships with is a demo unit that’ll last less than two years. Sigh. Now I have to find a service center when this one croaks. Oh well, it does have a low-power warning. Update: The displays are metric-only, no English units. Personally, I prefer that, but some might not like.

Overall so far (~36 hours of wearing it): This is the watch for letting your nerd flag fly. I’m still reading the manual, and it’s pretty damn impressive. I’ve got it on a Seiko Z22 (urethane rubber) strap, and its comfortable and casual.

Me like.

Update 9/10/06: As David commented, there’s no backlight. I can live with this because the analog portion has excellent luminosity, but those needing to use the digital portion should get one with a newer movement than the C900.

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