October 17, 2014

Yosemite and musings

I read an interesting post this morning about the need for multiple blogs:

I find it sort of charming when people write whole person” blogs that may contain material spanning from their personal emotions, to the culture they appreciate, to the work that they do, and the politics they believe in. But I also find it kind of irritating when I don’t happen to value or share in common one or more of those many disparate interests. Slogging through myriad posts about renaissance faires or meat rendering techniques, just to get the rare morsel about, say, optimizing Objective-C code, is not my idea of enjoying the written word as a reader of blogs.

Yes indeed! I have Fnord for general nerd-ery, watchotaku for WIS, one Twitter accout as my main face’, another Twitter for WIS, and a third for friends only.

Plus sites like LinkedIn (the resume) and about.me for general visibility. And Github for code.

Identity is a complex thing. When I’m writing, or reading for that matter, focused content and feeds work better. If you go to watchotaku.com, you know what you’re going to get.

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